Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fresh from today .... apriledaze2007 - kymba916

Women are idiots....

Especially online. I've already stated how much I don't like clarifying everything I say with "all" - I'm so annoyed because I already know there is a Dumb ass woman reading this going, "why's he saying that ALL women are idiots" ....

When I'm not.

That one habbit of women gets me into all sorts of fights; happened today in a chat room; After talking to 3 Idiot women, I decided to share my thoughts in the room. Of course... Women who had not said a word all day long decided to chime in.

One of those - was a complete MORON.... So was the other. Such a moron that she iggied me when she could not WIN her battle of NO reason.

I'll start with moron #1 aprildaze2007

This convo starts off IN the room, but later you will be filled in ... She makes the remark that I won't show everything, and that's when I Show you how this whole thing started when I quote the Room... what a fucking MORON

chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:43:58 PM): yahoo lets u have up to 6 extra Names
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:44:01 PM): I dont have to LOG out
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:44:04 PM): or LOG into other accounts
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:44:09 PM): look at how fucking STUPID kyma is
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:44:10 PM): never said you should
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:44:11 PM): she says something
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:44:14 PM): and you Go along with it
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:44:15 PM):
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:44:17 PM): like a fucking MORON
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:44:23 PM): ok if you say so
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:44:37 PM): such intelligence i cant argue with
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:44:41 PM): its no wonder women get raped, beat up and murdered; just look at how they treat other people; Obviously they bring it on themselves; Enjoy your karma bitch
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:44:53 PM): thank you
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:45:01 PM): have a wonderful evening
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:45:33 PM): kyma916: and he has so much spare time on his hands that he has to log in over and over with different accounts chat-reality: b/c she has no idea how much action I get, or DONT get aprildaze2007: LOL
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:45:41 PM): that's YOU typing LOL to her IDIOTIC Statement
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:45:47 PM): endorsing her IDIOTIC remark.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:45:51 PM): Not once correcting her
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:45:54 PM): b/c you too, are a MORON
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:45:55 PM): does it offend you
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:46:03 PM): of course it does
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:46:07 PM): neither of you know me
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:46:10 PM): neither of you talked to me
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:46:15 PM): but we arent suppose to be offended by your statement
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:46:20 PM): and you're insulting me on a personal level, when I made a GENERAL statement
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:46:20 PM): no
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:46:26 PM): if u made a statement about how MEN are
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:46:31 PM): I would think about the men who are like that
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:46:35 PM): and I would think about what I am like
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:46:41 PM): I would not be offended
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:46:43 PM): you made a general statement and it offended me because you have never talked with me
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:46:51 PM): I would not take a general statement, and personally attack the PERSOn who made it
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:46:58 PM): b/c they may have REASON to make that comment.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:47:06 PM): You TOOK it personal
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:47:08 PM): i didnt attack you if you will re-read what i wrote at the start
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:47:09 PM): that's not MY fault
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:47:31 PM): aprildaze2007: and you wonder why we dont talk to you
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:47:35 PM): you brought all of this on yourself, but thats you
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:47:38 PM): aprildaze2007: and you wonder why we dont talk to you
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:47:41 PM): that's what u said.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:47:45 PM): that's not an attack?
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:47:48 PM): perfect statement
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:48:01 PM): You're stating that women don't talk to m.e
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:48:02 PM): *me
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:48:36 PM): it should not take this long to type yes or no.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:48:38 PM): that's not an attack?
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:48:39 PM): probably dont if you have to be such a self centered person as to believe the statement you made
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:48:44 PM): that's not an attack?
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:48:58 PM): lol im a psych i never say yes or no
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:49:03 PM): aprildaze2007: i didnt attack you if you will re-read what i wrote at the start
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:49:18 PM): well, I re-read it - I showed it to you
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:49:25 PM): and Now that it's clear you DID attack me, u wont fess up.
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:49:55 PM): would it make you feel better if i said you were right but didnt feel that you were?
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:50:24 PM): my feelings have nothing to do with this.
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:50:32 PM): if you say so
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:50:34 PM): It's just clear that you cannot admit that u are Wrong
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:50:40 PM): i made a general statement
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:50:43 PM): you took it personally
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:50:44 PM): so did i
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:50:47 PM): so did you
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:50:53 PM): No you made a Personal Attack
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:50:55 PM): you attacked ME
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:50:56 PM): so di dyou
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:50:57 PM): I did not attack YOU
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:50:58 PM): I did not
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:51:00 PM): yes
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:51:05 PM): ALL WOMEN ARE MORONS
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:10 PM): I didnt say 'all"
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:51:10 PM): im a woman that was an attack
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:51:13 PM): yes you did
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:28 PM): chat-reality: the women on here are morons
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:51:29 PM): you really should go see a therapist about this problem
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:31 PM): chat-reality: the women on here are morons
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:31 PM): chat-reality: the women on here are morons
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:31 PM): chat-reality: the women on here are morons
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:51:33 PM): im on here
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:36 PM): WERE does it say ALL
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:36 PM): WERE does it say ALL
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:37 PM): WERE does it say ALL
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:37 PM): WERE does it say ALL
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:38 PM): WERE does it say ALL
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:38 PM): WERE does it say ALL
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:38 PM): WERE does it say ALL
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:39 PM): WERE does it say ALL
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:43 PM): So what if you are ON HERE
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:47 PM): does it say "all the women on here"
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:51:49 PM): 2 yr old temper tantrums are boring
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:51:58 PM): So, there are NO dumb women online??
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:52:31 PM): So, there are NO dumb women online??
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:52:47 PM): i didnt say that either
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:52:51 PM): YES or NO
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:53:03 PM): because here's the thing, if there are indeed DUMB women online, and you can't admit it
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:53:06 PM): then what are YOU hiding??
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:53:12 PM): didnt we discuss my not answering yes or no earlier?
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:53:16 PM): what's so wrong about me making a statement, if it's True
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:53:28 PM): you dont answer yes - when it proves you are Wrong
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:53:43 PM): any question or comment that would prove you to indeed be a fucking moron, you decline to answer....
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:53:46 PM): lol
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:53:57 PM): and dont worry, all of this will be on my blog
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:54:01 PM):
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:54:05 PM): so now the attack turns personal
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:54:08 PM): the WORLD will soon see how much of a fucking MORON you are
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:54:14 PM): you turned it personal
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:54:14 PM): i always wanted to be a start thank you
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:54:17 PM): when YOU made it personal.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:54:33 PM): you're a child.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:54:36 PM): that's what u are
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:54:45 PM): and it's b/c of women like you that violence against women occurs
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:54:47 PM): it's so clear
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:54:49 PM): so obvious
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:54:50 PM): i bet only parts of the conversation will be on your so called blog...the parts that make you sound very intelligent (if thats possible)
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:54:59 PM): and if we are ever to put a stop to it, we need to raise women to be BETTER than you.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:55:07 PM): no the ENTIRE thing
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:55:10 PM): in fact to ensure that it is
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:55:12 PM): hang on
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:55:15 PM): of course it is thats why i work at a rape center because of men like you who pull women down
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:55:32 PM): chat-reality: the women on here are morons chrisdp2000 left the room ruff_stud_x left the room Alfred E Newman Lives! (green_guitar_man) joined the room steve_betts44 left the room aprildaze2007: and you wonder why we dont talk to you will_u_831 left the room chat-reality: what are u talking about april? chat-reality: women talk to me all the time - u are talking to me right now... chat-reality: thanks for proving my point though april - only a IDIOT would make an assumption like that. chat-reality: and that's exactly what im getting at - the women online, are morons aprildaze2007: your welcome chat-reality: They say things that make No sense whatsoever
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:55:44 PM): chat-reality: They're all hyped up on emotions - and use, literally ZERO Logic when writing sentences aprildaze2007: very astute chat-reality: not to mention how literally NONE of them can hold a convnersation about Anything chat-reality: Try it chat-reality: they get bored chat-reality: Try talking to them about things that matter... they get bored chat-reality: one girl had "i love to ****" on her profile! - When I talked to her about it... her response... "bye"
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:55:53 PM): aprildaze2007: such genius agentt4 left the room chat-reality: april you'd have to have intelligence before you could Comment On it chat-reality: When you GAIN some intelligence, THEN you are welcomed to return to this conversation aprildaze2007: i understand your inferiority complex mission_viejo_hotchick left the room chat-reality: you're just throwin out random insults april chat-reality: None of them make any logical sense. aprildaze2007: it wasnt an insult just an observation
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:55:57 PM): jack you are so very predictable
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:56:07 PM): chat-reality: Nor can you PROVE that what you're saying is true; You'll just say somethin stupid like "I dont have to prove it" chat-reality: It is indeed an insult chat-reality: you and I have NEVER spoken chat-reality: I never even TRIED talking to you kyma916: kettle calling the pot black, i think - perhaps the reason why they get bored is because you are rather boring aprildaze2007: honestly i dont have to prove it you are doing all the work for me chat-reality: for "some odd reason" you feel Insulted by what i'm saying; so you're Insulting me back. chat-reality: same goes for Kyma chat-reality: another Dumb woman (who i have NOT talked to) making the assumption that i'm boring aprildaze2007: no just going by what you are telling me which btw is totally opposi
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:56:28 PM): chat-reality: When Look - Because of what Im typing KYMA is FINALLY saying something IN THE ROOM chat-reality: So.. i Can't be boring chat-reality: I got both of YOUR attention aprildaze2007: according to you chat-reality: So shut up with your NONSENSE kyma916: and that dim-witted question - she is offended because you called her a moron (by saying all women on yahoo are morons) chat-reality: and Thanks again for proving my POINT kyma916: jeezus, get a clue already chat-reality: YOu ARE morons chat-reality: look at the stuff you're BOTh saying chat-reality: ONLY a MORON would make those comments about people they have NOT talked to....
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:56:42 PM): kyma916: heh - you are pretty dim, aren't you? chat-reality: not at all kyma916: anyhow, have fun typing to yourself thesharpestmanintown left the room chat-reality: I'm more intelligent than most of the people you will EVER talk to chat-reality: you're just a MORON who also feels insulted by what im saying chat-reality: meanwhile, INTELLIGENT women NEVER feel insulted; they often AGREE with me chat-reality: because what im saying is True chat-reality: the women in these rooms are Morons aprildaze2007: see hes to busy reading what he THINKS we are saying to actually read
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:56:59 PM): chat-reality: I read it chat-reality: Kyma is too dumb to see that i ALREADY said what SHE said aprildaze2007: wow a psychic chat-reality: chat-reality: for "some odd reason" you feel Insulted by what i'm saying; so you're Insulting me back. kyma916: aye - i just had to put him on ignore for his dumb-ass remarks chat-reality: I made that comment a while ago aprildaze2007: lol its actually entertaining chat-reality: Of course it is chat-reality: which backs up another POINT I made green_guitar_man left the room chat-reality: i'm clearly NOT boring so that reason that kyma gave is both STUPID and Factless aprildaze2007: lol so many points so few women
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:57:09 PM): and you did leave things out didnt you? so very predictable of someone with an ego problem such as yours
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:57:09 PM): kyma916: up to a point, perhaps.. but it gets old chat-reality: i've been chatting for years ventura0cali0male: 805 pm me chat-reality: I have a BLOG that exposes how DUMB women really are chat-reality: So i'm not even worried about your FACTLESS comments
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:57:21 PM): have fun being #1 on your own blog
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:57:21 PM): i've left out NOTHING
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:57:39 PM): you cant have an intelligent conversation with women because you dont want one
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:57:40 PM): chat-reality: Kyma will be on that blog for SURE mysharona_48 left the room kyma916: all whiney because he gets no action, but that's just because he has no game chat-reality: lol chat-reality: No action? chat-reality: what is she talking about? ventura0cali0male left the room aprildaze2007: if you have to ask jack then you really dont have a clue chat-reality: What does women being MORONS have to do with the amount of action I get? chat-reality: I do need to ask kyma916: and he has so much spare time on his hands that he has to log in over and over with different accounts chat-reality: b/c she has no idea how much action I get, or DONT get aprildaze2007: LOL kyma916: but i don't mind just hitting that ignore but or marking it as spam
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 3:57:58 PM): its ppl like you that make chat so boring and not worth the effort anymore
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:57:59 PM): I have intelligent conversations - with intelligent WOMEN - all the time
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:58:06 PM): the problem here is, YOU are NOT intelligent.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:58:43 PM): what did i leave out??
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:59:17 PM): chat-reality: b/c she has no idea how much action I get, or DONT get aprildaze2007: LOL kyma916: but i don't mind just hitting that ignore but or marking it as spam chat-reality: Does she? justasailingman: Anyone into large sailing ships and might want to become a volunteer crew member helping at-risk middle school kids to stay in school should check our web site - www then lamitopsail then org chat-reality: I mean truth is, she's a moron chat-reality: only a MORON would make those comments chat-reality: afterall, what i said was a GENERAL statement chat-reality: you both took it personally kyma916: button, that is chat-reality: and decided to attack me on a personal level (which also shows how DUMB you both are) justasailingman: jack - I get s.h.i.t on consatantly
chat-reality (9/16/2007 3:59:31 PM): justasailingman: jack - I get s.h.i.t on consatantly for being an older man seeking a younger lover on here - I just ignore it ddjm5 joined the room chat-reality: yea, no one **** on me though just justasailingman: Nothing like a narrow mind to let the breeze slide on by chat-reality: You folks are stupid for assuming that I'm talking about something which i'm not.... ddjm5: Hello Room chat-reality: Do me a favor Just - and stop acting like a Woman justasailingman: oh I only mean verbal on - justasailingman: it's all bs chat-reality: Listen to what is being SAID - don't comment on what has NOT.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 4:17:22 PM): that's what i thought bitch
chat-reality (9/16/2007 4:17:25 PM): i didn't leave out anything
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:00:43 PM): i have talked with some stupid ppl on the net but your ego beats everything
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:00:54 PM): oh you're just saying that
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:00:55 PM): you are really a sick man who needs help quick
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:00:59 PM): you can't concede a point
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:01:06 PM): i feel very very sorry for you
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:01:12 PM): Oh the feeling is mutual
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:01:23 PM): did your mother molest you when you were young?
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:01:26 PM): of coursre not
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:01:27 PM): or was it your father?
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:01:31 PM): my mother loves me very much
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:01:33 PM): oh you were
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:01:34 PM): same for my father
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:01:35 PM): ...
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:01:37 PM): lol
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:01:44 PM): ever heard of Einstien?
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:01:49 PM): carlsjunior???
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:01:51 PM): how about the Bible?
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:01:52 PM): oh please
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:02:04 PM): ever heard that what you do to others, will be done to you
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:02:04 PM): ?
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:02:05 PM): yes i have and i believe it thoroughly to bad you dont
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:02:08 PM): realy?
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:02:16 PM): See if you did u would not be calling me a sick man
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:02:20 PM): you are
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:02:22 PM): all i said to you, is what's written in the bible
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:02:25 PM): it says it right there
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:02:38 PM): It's no wonder women get raped, beat up and worse; just look at what They DO to others.
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:02:40 PM): where?
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:02:56 PM): give me a book and passage please
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:03:00 PM): back up your ranting
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:03:09 PM): Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:03:16 PM): and i did
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:03:22 PM): i responded with what you had written
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:03:30 PM): no, you insulted me.
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:03:33 PM): and i never called you a bastard
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:03:33 PM): you attacked me
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:03:37 PM): you made a comment that was not true
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:03:41 PM): but you have repeatedly called me a bitch
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:03:55 PM): no i said what you did
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:03:55 PM): because of what you did.
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:04:03 PM): did i call you a bastard?
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:04:14 PM): No you said, "no wonder we dont talk to you"
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:04:27 PM): what did you expect when you called ALL of us MORONS
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:04:34 PM): but then again it takes one to know one
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:04:50 PM): 1. i did not call you 'all' morons
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:05:02 PM): yes you did all women on here are morons
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:05:10 PM): 2. morons do not know they are morons; and rarely do they know that others are morons.
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:05:12 PM): im not i took exception to that
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:05:18 PM): I did not say the word 'all'
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:05:19 PM): i did not call you names
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:05:26 PM): i went over that earlier though.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:05:31 PM): so you're doing that on purpose
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:05:42 PM): which makes u a pretty evil person; Why would you argue like that?
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:05:56 PM): Why would you accuse people of things they did not say - Just to justify YOUR actions??
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:06:02 PM): again it proves my point that something in your childhood has upset you...which leads me to believe you were molested by your mother (who loves you so much)
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:06:12 PM): i repeated what you said
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:06:23 PM): you are the one not standing up for what you are saying
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:06:41 PM): if you cant prove your facts dont state them
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:06:43 PM): look at how you insult my mother
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:06:47 PM): what did she ever do to you?
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:06:52 PM): what kind of person does that....
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:06:59 PM): You're not a psychologist.
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:07:01 PM): gave birth to a bastard as far as im concerned right now
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:07:07 PM): maybe i am
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:07:11 PM): maybe im not
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:07:14 PM): none of your business
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:07:15 PM): and look at how you're Dodging my questions.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:07:18 PM): I never said All
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:07:25 PM): you implied
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:07:27 PM): No
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:07:29 PM): I did not Imply
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:07:39 PM): you are just accusing me of Implying.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:07:42 PM): I said, what I said.
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:07:43 PM): im not a moron i have an education which you have not displayed
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:07:45 PM): and I meant, what I said.
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:07:48 PM): you implied
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:07:58 PM): I went to San Diego State and majored in Math
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:07:59 PM): then you stated a non truth
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:08:03 PM): lol
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:08:04 PM): ok
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:08:05 PM): when I was 21 I started my Own business
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:08:11 PM): of course you did
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:08:11 PM): today I run 3 businesses
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:08:16 PM): im sure
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:08:16 PM): I get paid while I sleep at night
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:08:18 PM): Most are online
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:08:21 PM): thats good
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:08:31 PM): You have no idea what my educational level Is - to Insult it, once again shows where u are at.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:08:35 PM): No wonder i called you a bitch
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:08:41 PM): and you dont know me
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:08:46 PM): what shocks me is how you talk yourself into believing that you did not DESERVE to be called one
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:08:57 PM): and I dont need to know you; I know what you did
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:08:58 PM): so you have proved my point you dont care to know someone you just want to judge
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:09:03 PM): which is not your right
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:09:09 PM): and you didn't judge?
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:09:15 PM): i stated waht you said
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:09:21 PM): You did not state What I said
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:09:28 PM): what I said - is not what you are accusing me of saying
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:09:34 PM): once again you cant stand up to what you said you just want to argue
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:09:39 PM): you are accusing me of saying all (when I did not) and implying all (when I was not)
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:09:53 PM): truth is, THIS conversation is WHY i call the women on here Idiots
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:09:56 PM): then you have no idea of what you are sending out
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:09:59 PM): 99.9% of the women on here are
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:10:04 PM): I know what i'm sending out....
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:10:12 PM): but we talked about all of this earlier
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:10:13 PM): it because of men like you that some women get beat up and raped
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:10:17 PM): it's too bad none of it sunk in.
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:10:20 PM): you make them feel inferior
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:10:21 PM): no, not men like me
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:10:24 PM): yes
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:10:29 PM): I'm better than that - but there are men out there
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:10:34 PM): no you arent
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:10:41 PM): ... men who have No qualms about laying hands on a woman; and I completely understand why
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:10:46 PM): you might not have raped anyone but you make them feel inferior
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:10:51 PM): the sad part, is that women cannot seem to bring themselves to understanding.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:11:20 PM): how do I make them feel inferior? Do I control them??
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:11:23 PM): whatever your businesses are (if they exist) i pray that they have nothing to do with therapy in any way shape or form
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:11:54 PM): yes you do there are some women who allow the men online to control them........its very sad but it happens
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:12:09 PM): and you have just added to their problems
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:12:16 PM): instead of helping you have hurt
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:12:26 PM): i'm not online to help women
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:12:32 PM): just to hurt
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:12:33 PM): besides, u cannot help someone who does not Want to be helped.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:12:37 PM): No i'm online to talk to women
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:12:41 PM): it's women who come online to hurt.
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:12:43 PM): how do you know they dont want help
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:12:50 PM): People who want help, Seek it.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:12:59 PM): people who want help, are open to advice.
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:13:03 PM): i didnt come online to hurt this one you started
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:13:10 PM): I started nothing
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:13:16 PM): i made a general statement (which is true)
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:13:23 PM): and you took offense to it (because you are a moron)
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:13:26 PM): some ppl need the extra push to get help and not called names
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:13:45 PM): people who Want help, push themselves.
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:13:59 PM): since you insist on calling me one then im glad i am because it puts me in a better class of ppl than you are
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:14:01 PM): People who Want help, get tired of the rusty nail ( a story I am sure you've never heard )
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:14:57 PM): There was an old man, and his dog; Every day the dog would whine and cry ... it never moved; A boy walking by to school every day would notice this. one day He went up to the old man and said... "Why is your dog always whining and crying?" - The old man said "He's sitting on a rusty nail" ...
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:15:02 PM): ive met a lot of great ppl online but lately yahoo lets nothing but scum like you talk on and on and on
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:15:13 PM): The boy asks "why wont he get up?" - The man responds... "because it doesn't hurt bad enough yet."
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:15:23 PM): and yes ive heard the story so please spare me your reindition of it because im sure its wrong
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:15:42 PM): People only get help, when the nail hurts bad enough
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:15:54 PM): my friends and i will be sure to share your name(s) with all of the other ppl online
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:15:55 PM): you're just a rude, closed minded, moron....
aprildaze2007 (9/16/2007 6:16:01 PM): and have your mother get some help
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:16:07 PM): My mother?
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:16:15 PM): why do you keep talking trash about my mother?
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:16:18 PM): yea, Some bible toter
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:16:21 PM): Im sure God does that
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:16:25 PM): talks bad about people's mothers...
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:16:35 PM): I guess you can't just stick to the facts
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:16:44 PM): you gotta drag other innocent people into this; like my mom and dad.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:16:52 PM): Some job of parenting your Parents did...
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:16:54 PM):
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:16:59 PM): look at how you turned out.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:17:09 PM): too bad you have been lied to your entire life.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:17:20 PM): i bet you see nothing wrong with your behavior.
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:18:55 PM): anyway, it's cool
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:18:58 PM): we both know im right
chat-reality (9/16/2007 6:19:01 PM): that is why you're so upset

Moron #2 is Kymba916 - she would not even respond but you can see her comments above; Without any good reason whatsoever both of these women made Personal attacks - why? Perhaps they know deep down, what they truly are.

I'll also show you the words of a LOSER who decided to jump in and defend another MORON who I talked with shortly after - FoxyGirl from Sacramento.

That's coming up next!

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