Saturday, February 3, 2007

adrianaa_h - pt. 1

The following is between myself and a lady from Israel - for a moment I thought perhaps there was a communication problem going on but, the reality is she speaks english perfectfly well - She's just a rude bitch. That's all.

Val Green (12/9/2006 2:16:47 PM): are you in so cal?
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:16:51 PM): or the phillipines?
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:16:53 PM): hi
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:16:55 PM): no
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:16:59 PM): israel
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:17:04 PM): Ohhh... i see
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:17:07 PM): gotta webcam?
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:17:16 PM): yes
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:17:22 PM): can i see u?
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:18:49 PM): yes
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:18:58 PM): cool, invite me
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:19:32 PM): very nice looking girl
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:19:38 PM): i know
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:19:41 PM): haha
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:19:45 PM): im glad u know
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:19:56 PM): how old are u?
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:20:07 PM): 24this week
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:20:13 PM): well happy birthday then
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:20:17 PM): ty
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:20:19 PM):
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:20:23 PM): yw
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:20:38 PM): well u saw me ty now,,,
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:20:45 PM): i have a cam too
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:20:49 PM): but i need a haircut
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:21:07 PM): u can view me if u wish.... im not all fixed up like u are
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:21:11 PM): well i'm tourn off the cam now
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:21:15 PM): turn*
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:21:18 PM): awww
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:21:25 PM): ok i guess
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:21:31 PM): i wouldn't mind u leaving it on though
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:21:36 PM): to u too
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:24:52 PM): so what are u doing?
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:25:31 PM): oh ty
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:25:35 PM): yw
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:25:48 PM): but see u some other time
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:26:10 PM): more than likely, you and I will never run into each other again. For the rest of our lives....
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:26:20 PM): so what other time are you talking about?
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:26:59 PM): other time to see u
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:27:02 PM): on cam
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:27:08 PM): ok
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:27:11 PM): maybe you're dumb.
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:27:20 PM): huh?
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:27:25 PM): Thank you for being nice about not wanting to talk to me - but I need you to realize that it's RUDE actually
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:27:34 PM): I just said to you, that most likely you and I will NEVER talk again.
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:27:36 PM): as in, EVER.
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:27:38 PM): what?
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:27:44 PM): So how are you possibly going to see me another time?
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:27:47 PM): sorry i"m new on yahoo
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:28:20 PM): being new to yahoo has nothing to do with reading the words someone types
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:28:32 PM): what?
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:28:37 PM):
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:28:42 PM): do you Not understand English?
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:29:01 PM): i do but i"m from israel and i dont know what do u want
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:29:15 PM): If you speak English, then it should be CLEAR to you what I want.
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:29:22 PM): I want you to be honest
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:29:28 PM): I dont want to be LIED to
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:29:32 PM): and told you'll see me some other time
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:29:41 PM): more than likely this is the ONLY time you and I will ever cross paths.
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:29:44 PM): but nevermind
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:29:53 PM): either you dont really speak english or you're just an imbecile
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:29:55 PM): either way, u take care
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:30:25 PM): well i just say that i will see u on cam some other time coz i'm chatting
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:30:31 PM): u can add me
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:30:52 PM): why would i want to add someone so rude?
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:31:16 PM): why i'm rude u saw me
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:31:21 PM): i didet
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:32:06 PM): yea... nevermind. You clearly do not understand english.
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:32:23 PM): i"m tell me what do u want
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:32:31 PM): i told you already.
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:32:38 PM): say again
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:33:12 PM): how old are u?
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:33:54 PM): bye u so rude
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:34:40 PM): im not.
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:34:41 PM): you are
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:34:51 PM): how
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:34:55 PM): how i"m
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:35:01 PM): it's pointless to explain
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:35:13 PM): you're an immature female, who's unable to admit it when she messes up - or is rude.
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:35:25 PM): coz i dident want to see u what are u a kid
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:35:53 PM): more like, b/c you LIED about seeing me some other time.
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:36:02 PM): you have no INTENTIONS on seeing me some other time.
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:36:06 PM): you lying Bitch.
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:36:08 PM): i'm not
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:36:12 PM): how dare you sit there and act like that's not rude.
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:36:19 PM): anyways, please stop talking to me
Val Green (12/9/2006 2:36:23 PM): fuck you and goodbye
adrianaa_h (12/9/2006 2:36:25 PM): ok bye

This is what I call the Rude-Nice Bitch.

In her mind I believe she truly believes she's being nice; the problem is she's totally lying, and that's just flat out disrespectful. What you will soon discover about my thoughts is that I'm not politically correct. I feel that all the bad things that happen to women are the direct result of how they treat other people. Guys don't mind rejection - it's the way women go about rejecting us that causes the problem: By doing it in a disrespectful manner.

Respect, is a two way street - if you ladies want it - you need to give it to people who are being respectful towards you. Otherwise, they may change their mind, and STOP Giving you respect.

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