Saturday, February 3, 2007

Then there's the dumb bitch.

There are some women who I have come to believe, are rude simply because they are not intelligent enough to see a problem with it. Like this chick here...

chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:26:19 AM): hello (10/7/2006 1:26:25 AM): asl
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:27:22 AM): its on my profile
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:27:24 AM): whats yours (10/7/2006 1:27:37 AM): what profile
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:27:41 AM): My profile
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:28:25 AM): wow
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:28:29 AM): i hate women who dont speak english (10/7/2006 1:28:49 AM): i hate guys who are to stuped to get it bye bye
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:28:52 AM): i'm gonna be 29, im male and in 310
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:29:03 AM): but you're an idiot (10/7/2006 1:29:03 AM): i dont care anymore
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:29:07 AM): it's ok
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:29:09 AM): i dont care either
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:29:13 AM): you dont speak english
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:29:17 AM): u can't even spell Stupid
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:29:21 AM): that's how dumb u are (10/7/2006 1:29:34 AM): ur just to stuped bye bye, i speak three languages asshole and ur monolingual so fuck off
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:29:40 AM): and?
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:29:47 AM): you dont know what it means to check someones profile
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:29:56 AM): you speak SOOO Many languages tha tyou dont know English
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:30:00 AM): who gives a fuck really?
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:30:03 AM): all i know is
chat-reality (10/7/2006 1:30:08 AM): what goes around comes back around

Of course, she will never understand that either - all she had to do was check my profile, or apologize - that's it. Instead, she just made things worse; This is what typically happens - as you will see.

Women are presented with opportunities early on during disputes to send things in a positive or negative direction; Often, women do not make the right decision. Now for those of you who can see BIG PICTURE - This is exactly what's wrong with our world today.

Domino/ripple Effect in full form.

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