Saturday, February 3, 2007


For now this blog will serve as a place to showcase the Reality of what happens during Chat Conversations between men and women - I am but one man - however I do have a few other male friends online who chat with women and soon will be bringing them onboard to post Their chat-logs aswell.

What you will see, will NOT be very pretty - why? Because that is the reality of our world today; Hopefully this blog will expose this reality.

You will see - that women - have become extremely rude individuals in our society today; You will whitness with your own eyes common mistakes made by women which cause relationships between men and women to break down; and you will see how most women do nothing to help improve those relationships, but instead only take actions and make decisions which Worsen those relationships.

It is so mainstream in our society today to place 100% of the blame on men for the issues that exist. Divorced women always tell me that "they left him" - not the other way around. And you will see plenty of that aswell - women blaming the man for their failed relationships.

This blog is going to be like a study for you to examine and research and compare and what you will easily begin to notice is that women have no respect for Nice men - No respect for men who respect them. Women seem to come online to fight and argue with others, and when they are wrong Very very seldomly will you ever see them apologize.

Which leaves me wondering - Just who's fault is it really?

As a warning the language you will read here may not be appropriate for young kids - and this is an experiment to see if we can't spread more awareness to women everywhere about how THEIR actions put them in positions they often claim they do not want to be in.


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