Saturday, August 4, 2007


Val Green (10/20/2006 6:02:34 PM): u left pretty quickly...
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:02:41 PM): where in the 562 are u?
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:04:51 PM): damn
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:04:52 PM): ok
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:04:55 PM): you're pretty rude
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:16:28 PM): sorry i didn't get the message till right now. i live in north orange county
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:16:39 PM): oh ok
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:17:37 PM): that's cool
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:17:44 PM): are u still lookin for folks to chat with
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:18:12 PM): yes. how about you sex, age, location
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:18:32 PM): 29 male in carson
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:18:56 PM): cool
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:19:26 PM): so tell me about yourself?
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:20:04 PM): did u read my profile - what would u like to know?
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:21:06 PM): no i didn't read it. what do you do for a living? what do you like to do, your interest?
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:25:03 PM): well most of that is in there...
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:25:08 PM): i'm a web designer & photographer
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:25:29 PM): I design websites for small companies, home based businesses, anyone who needs a site - I also run a foot & leg modeling website, one of the best in the world
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:25:33 PM): cool
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:25:39 PM): intrest... i'm pretty well rounde,d into a whole lot of things
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:26:36 PM): *rounded
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:27:39 PM): what about you -
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:27:42 PM): what do you do...
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:29:09 PM): I'm into pretty much everything. like you i'm pretty well rounded. i'm a student and i work part time
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:29:19 PM): cool
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:29:21 PM): studying what?
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:32:39 PM): you must be busy...
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:33:29 PM): sorry i'm good i'm just finishing up a few things
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:34:04 PM): so what brings you to the chat rooms?
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:34:12 PM): lookin for some nice ladies to talk with
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:34:17 PM): maybe meet up with, who knows
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:34:35 PM): do you meet a lot of people online?
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:34:45 PM): not really
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:34:47 PM): you?
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:34:52 PM): no
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:35:04 PM): can you describe yourself to me?
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:35:10 PM): yea...
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:35:15 PM): 6'3 235lbs...
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:35:19 PM): lightish brwn hair and eyes
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:35:31 PM): tan complexion, mixed mostly black, some white some native american
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:35:39 PM): athletic build with a nice beer belly
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:35:43 PM): dimples when i smile
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:35:45 PM): u?
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:36:32 PM): light brown hair, with a bit of blond, petite, brown eyes, hispanic
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:36:44 PM): how tall
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:36:50 PM): 5'1
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:36:55 PM): u?
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:37:08 PM): ... 6'3 i said
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:37:33 PM): no you didn't sorry
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:37:56 PM): yea... i did
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:38:04 PM): u just aren't payin attention
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:38:47 PM): I am i just checked what you wrote and height was not one of them. you might want to read what you wrote
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:39:06 PM): absquefides: can you describe yourself to me? Val Green: yea... Val Green: 6'3 235lbs... Val Green: lightish brwn hair and eyes Val Green: tan complexion, mixed mostly black, some white some native american Val Green: athletic build with a nice beer belly Val Green: dimples when i smile Val Green: u?
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:40:12 PM): as u can see - i Did
absquefides (10/20/2006 6:40:14 PM): I didn't get the 6'3 235 lb part
Val Green (10/20/2006 6:40:17 PM): it was the first thing i said

... the convo ends there - she never said anything else, and neither did I. What a waste of time that was.

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