Sunday, August 5, 2007

maymartinez18too - Racist Bitch

Oh... and how could I ever leave out the Racist Bitches.

Ya know, in reality I think women are really the only ones keeping racism alive; For the most part; I mean often men will defend a woman on anything; But, the key is that he is defending "the woman".

So if a woman wants to be racist, there are men who will flock to defend her stance; to even say she's not racist...

I've had people tell me that it's not racist to Date a race Exclusively; C'mon people - you are all much smarter than that.

Here is an example of a Racist Bitch...

chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:52:43 PM): hello
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:52:48 PM): 28 male l.a. area
maymartinez18too (9/2/2006 2:52:51 PM): hey there
maymartinez18too (9/2/2006 2:53:00 PM): 22 feamle
maymartinez18too (9/2/2006 2:53:03 PM): female
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:53:06 PM): cool
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:53:10 PM): are u on the right or the left in that pic
maymartinez18too (9/2/2006 2:53:12 PM): what ethnicity re you
maymartinez18too (9/2/2006 2:53:19 PM): left
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:53:21 PM): oh ok
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:53:23 PM): you're the fat one
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:53:24 PM): bye
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:53:55 PM): fat and racist are a bad combination
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:53:58 PM): lol
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:54:06 PM): but women are not very smart; which is why they keep racism alive
maymartinez18too (9/2/2006 2:54:21 PM): excuse me who are you to call me a racisit
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:54:28 PM): maymartinez18too: what ethnicity re you
maymartinez18too (9/2/2006 2:54:29 PM): i am just curious
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:54:32 PM): maymartinez18too: what ethnicity re you
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:54:45 PM): women are not smart enough to realize that, they are not fooling other people.
maymartinez18too (9/2/2006 2:54:57 PM): there is nothing wrong wioth that i dont discrimate anyone
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:55:04 PM): sure
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:55:07 PM): let you tell it
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:55:29 PM): I dont discriminate.
chat-reality (9/2/2006 2:55:44 PM): People like me, do not ask a person what Race they are, with the FIRST question out of our mouth.

Now... at first glance it 'may' appear that I have over-reacted a bit. I'll be sure to find and post more conversations to show that When 'what's your race' is the FIRST question out of a girls mouth, it's because that is what is MOST important to her.

She does not want to waste her time getting to know a guy who doesn't fit the 'racial' criteria she is looking for.

Which in my opinion, is lame.

Many months later - which is custom in chat - I ran into the bitch again; but totally forgot talking with her.

She was in the room asking if any guys wanted to "rock out with their cocks out" - so, being the playful being that I am, I decided to take her up on it, and see how 'serious' she was.

As you may have come to realize - women Bullshit way more than men do online.

The selfish, rude, evil bitches that they are.

chat-reality (5/19/2007 5:44:35 PM): hello
chat-reality (5/19/2007 5:44:40 PM): 28 male in carson
chat-reality (5/19/2007 5:45:15 PM): i'd love to rock out with you, and with my cock out
chat-reality (5/19/2007 5:45:55 PM): i've gotta cam, let me know if u wanna see it
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:16:29 PM): hey
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:16:36 PM): hey
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:16:58 PM): whats up
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:17:09 PM): not much
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:17:23 PM): was just workin on some stuff here, hangin out
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:17:24 PM): smokin
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:17:33 PM): coo
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:17:37 PM): did u get my message?
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:18:09 PM): yeah
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:18:13 PM): cool
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:18:21 PM): what are u doin tonight?
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:18:28 PM): dont know
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:18:40 PM): no plans?
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:18:42 PM): u??
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:18:48 PM): nothing yet
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:19:08 PM): like i said i'd love to rock out with my cock out... with you
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:19:26 PM): lol
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:19:43 PM): want to see?
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:19:49 PM): sure
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:19:57 PM): but i want to see all of yuo ok
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:20:00 PM): ok
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:20:20 PM): naked or what?
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:20:32 PM): yeas
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:20:37 PM): yes
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:21:10 PM): ok your face now
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:21:39 PM):
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:21:51 PM): lol
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:22:03 PM): u like?
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:22:09 PM): nice
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:22:13 PM): ty
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:22:17 PM): yw
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:22:32 PM): u wanna come hang out with me tonight?
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:22:48 PM): i cant
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:22:50 PM): sorry
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:22:53 PM): that sucks
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:22:56 PM): why not?
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:22:58 PM): i'm babysitting
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:23:05 PM): u said u had no plans
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:23:23 PM): that u were doing nothing
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:23:38 PM): liar
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:23:45 PM): wtf
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:24:18 PM): u said u didn't have anything to do; now you say you're babysitting
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:24:37 PM): yeah i dont have ajor plans
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:24:41 PM): i am babyiting
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:24:51 PM): thats why i am not doing anyting
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:25:00 PM): babysitting is doing something.
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:25:04 PM): it's babysitting....
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:25:35 PM): if someone asks what you're doing tonight; and you say Nothing - that's Totally different from "Babysitting" - I mean, shouldn't that be your answer?
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:25:43 PM): what are you doing tonight ...? "babysitting"
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:25:52 PM): anyways
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:25:53 PM): whatever
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:25:55 PM): i think you're lying
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:26:05 PM): think what ever you want
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:26:18 PM): yea well
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:26:31 PM): I hope that when you die, and have to face God, he is proud of how you Treated His People
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:26:43 PM): by lying to them, and acting like it's all good to do that kind of thing.
maymartinez18too (5/19/2007 6:26:52 PM): gth
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:27:02 PM): hell might be your location
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:27:03 PM): i mean
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:27:08 PM): the least you could do is show some understanding
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:27:12 PM): It DOES look like you're lying
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:27:24 PM): it's not like i dont have a good reason to think that you're lying
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:27:36 PM): but you're sayin shit like... "Whatever"
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:27:41 PM): really makes you look Guilty.
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:28:00 PM): not my loss
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:28:07 PM): you just wont be getting fucked tonight
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:32:56 PM): you're fat anyways
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:33:02 PM): waaaay fatter thanu look in your profile pic
chat-reality (5/19/2007 6:33:05 PM): which is all small and shit

...ok, perhaps the fat comments were a bit rude; but can you blame me? The bitch is online 'tricking' guys into showing her their goods; For the Fuck of it!

That's not Fun - Fun is when both people get enjoyment out of it. FUN at the expense of others, is known as cruelty.

.... and in a world where cause and effect Rule nature and it's laws - just what do you think comes to cruel people, other than cruelty itself....


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