Sunday, August 17, 2008

And ... we're back!

The mounting pile of evidence doesn't cease ... there is so much proof that is about to be shared in this blog, that women nowadays are Extremely Rude.

What you've seen so far, is that women Always strike first - Always; They always do or say something RUDE to the guy; and when the guy responds to their rude actions, by either calling them a bitch, or telling them how rude They are - women Always turn the table - they Always find fault with the man, as if, they expect men to put up with their rude shit.

That's really what it is... women nowadays have been mislead and spoiled rotten to the degree that many of them feel being a woman means they have the Right to treat men as they please. What's sad, is you can find men to back that theory up too (usually because those men are Into being treated like shit) - But not all men are into that. Lots of men prefer, a woman who's got respect - for herself and especially for others.

But in a world, where women feel that they are always right, where the man is always wrong, simple ideas ... perspectives ... such as be nice to others, and others will generally be nice to you ... fall on deaf ears - Women do not live by these rules at all. Instead, women live by this rule; "If you're not nice to me no matter what I do, or say - then YOU are an asshole."

Pretty childish and Immature right?

Well that's what happens when our society allows it's ideas to get out of hand - where perspectives from women, that hate men ... lesbian feminists, become gospel for women everywhere - and we're back, EXPOSING the truth about women in chat rooms... and in our society today. Because we feel that chat is but a microcosm of society; these are real people typing these mean and evil words; These are the real thoughts, of real people. This is what people would say and do to you, if they could get away with it, without being slapped... or beat up.

Which (lastly) is what surprises me so much about the shock and outrage I am met with, when I tell these rude women, that their actions are the reason why so many bad, horrible things happen to women - what do they really expect to happen?

Help Save our society, by getting our women back on the right path. The Veil has been removed - it's in your face, how rude women are - do not be fooled anymore by theorizing, and man-hating propaganda - Do not believe that men harm women "only because" men are crazy, or psycho.

Men hurt women, for the same reason men hurt men - Disrespect.

Together we can solve this problem, and reverse the trends, that will END society as we know it.

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