Sunday, August 17, 2008


chatreality: hello
chatreality: Ok
chatreality: Fuck you too then bitch
chatreality: So funny lol
chatreality: Its no wonder women get raped, beat up and murdered; Just look at the way they treat people; Clearly women 'like you' Bring it on your selves; You Deserve it. Enjoy your Karma BITCH
joolie_anne: ok big tough guy
chatreality: So funny how women always ignore hello
chatreality: but respond to "fuck you"
chatreality: and i bet your stupid ass, like so many dumb bitches, is translating what i said to mean i Rape, or Beat women; When I don't.
chatreality: im just saying, Bitches like you get what you deserve, for how you've treated other people
chatreality: that's all
joolie_anne: whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
chatreality: and you will
chatreality: I know you're invincible
chatreality: You can treat guys like shit and NONE will wanna get back at u for it
chatreality: Im glad you feel that way
joolie_anne: you only wish you could have a woman like me asswipe
chatreality: No not even
chatreality: I hate bitches that dont have manners, or comment respect for other people
chatreality: you dont have a single quality in a woman that I desire.
chatreality: go find a desperate fuck who doesn't care how women are
chatreality: that's the only kinda guys YOU Date
chatreality: guys who Can't find something better
joolie_anne: oh ic, because u im every woman that pops up, because you are fucking desperate
chatreality: desperation has nothing to do with who you say hello to; It's all about what you Settle for
chatreality: but you're dumb
chatreality: at this point you're just hurling insults
chatreality: you're overlooking your actions
chatreality: so fucking typical....
chatreality: Its no wonder women get raped, beat up and murdered; Just look at the way they treat people; Clearly women 'like you' Bring it on your selves; You Deserve it. Enjoy your Karma BITCH
joolie_anne: wow i should have came to you a long time ago for advice
chatreality: no u shouldn't have
chatreality: i'll be sure to post this @
chatreality: a site that exposes the truth about women
chatreality: shows the world how rude women are to men
joolie_anne: you are one sick ass loser, get help , you need it big time
chatreality: explains, clearly, just why so many bad things happen to women
chatreality: Why do I need help?
chatreality: im not the one being rude to strangers
chatreality: and laughing at people that i've been rude to
chatreality: you're on here, injuring people; then pouring salt in the wounds; and you tell me I"m sick?
chatreality: really??
chatreality: what kinda person are you then?
joolie_anne: whos being rude, who called me a bitch and hoped i get raped while im talking to my friends, LOL
chatreality: what kind of woman Treats people that way?
chatreality: I didn't say that I HOPE You get raped
chatreality: learn how to read bitch
chatreality: don't Change my wording around
chatreality: and u were NOT talking to friends
chatreality: u were talking IN THE ROOM
chatreality: you were Ignoring me
chatreality: on purpose
joolie_anne: yes you did and fortunately i have it recorded along with your IP address
chatreality: and talking to people in the room
chatreality: Its no wonder women get raped, beat up and murdered; Just look at the way they treat people; Clearly women 'like you' Bring it on your selves; You Deserve it. Enjoy your Karma BITCH
chatreality: where does it say "I hope you get raped"
chatreality: ???
chatreality: where does it say that???
joolie_anne: and good luck with the police department
chatreality: Figures
chatreality: u wont answer
chatreality: I save my messages too
chatreality: hell i POST them on a blog
joolie_anne: you will see me in court
chatreality: so the world can read and see for themselves how RUDE u are
chatreality: feel free
chatreality: I have lawyers
joolie_anne: all the better more evidence
chatreality: i'll gladly counter sue
chatreality: b/c I never once said that I HOPE it happens to you
joolie_anne: oh yeah right
chatreality: clearly
chatreality: i said "NO WONDER" It happens
chatreality: BIG difference
chatreality: and i fyou're dumb enough to drag me into court
chatreality: then I'll gladly take your money
joolie_anne: byeeeeeeeee, go away loser
chatreality: you're only proving my point
chatreality: look at how fucking RUDE you are
chatreality: as usual though; u wont listen to me...
chatreality: you'll just learn the hard way
chatreality: or not.

Yep... another Rude Bitch; Just so some of you know, after I said hello to her - I noticed she starts talking in the room; about 2 minutes after I had been waiting for a response - So, I give her the custom "Fuck you" message - and like all the other women before her, she responds right away.


Women are So fucking rude it shocks me that no one else see's what I see.

And ... like the typical woman, as you've seen so many times here; She turns the tables and starts accusing ME Of being what I tell her to be aware of; I dont beat women, I dont rape or murder women - I simply try to give women something to THINK about...

But society has them so hopped up on Lies, thinking that only crazy, and derranged men hurt women; and they do it for No reason, that what i'm saying... no matter how obvious it is, no matter how much Sense it truly makes - it sounds like nonsense.

It goes against what people have learned to be true.

It's like the people who talk about how We Human's can probably fly ... we just don't believe that we can fly; Those people sound like nuts - but to an educated person who reads books; who understands that there has been Much written, and proven about the power of Belief - and who understands that most of us only use 10% of our brain... hell, it's Possible. Why rule it out?

If only women would stop ruling out this notion that perhaps THEY are playing a role in their own misfortune; we'd be looking at a much better world.

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