Sunday, August 17, 2008

bon_bons818 pt. 2 - still being rude...

bon_bons818: good cause im a very meana bitch
bon_bons818: you are so right
bon_bons818: gosh where would i be without lol
chatreality: you are mean
chatreality: it's bad enough you're rude and ignore people
chatreality: but you make fun of them
chatreality: as if how you treat others is ok
chatreality: but i realize, it's yahoo
chatreality: and women are rude as hell
chatreality: and disrespectful
chatreality: and no matter what i say
chatreality: you'll never admit fault
chatreality: no matter how i phrase it
chatreality: cuss words or no cuss words
chatreality: you'll continue to act like it's no big deal
chatreality: you dont even know what im talking about really
chatreality: You didn't listen.
chatreality: u didn't CARE.
bon_bons818: you are blowing way out of the water
chatreality: not at all
bon_bons818: i apologized for over seeing your question and to ask me again
chatreality: you're just Minimizing your actions
bon_bons818: but instead you go on about how rude i am
bon_bons818: and how i dont pay attention
bon_bons818: but fine
bon_bons818: blg all you want
bon_bons818: i can care less
chatreality: and i've asked you 5 times now; why do i need to repeat it? Whey didn't you scroll up and read it, RIGHT when i said you ignored it???
bon_bons818: trust me im not going to sit here and cry over you
chatreality: and you Dont pay attention or else i wouldn't have to ask the same questio n5 times
chatreality: i know
bon_bons818: being so rude to me
chatreality: b/c you're rude
chatreality: you're not a woman
bon_bons818: you are very ignorant
chatreality: you're just a girl with a vagina
bon_bons818: i stated thousand of times to you
chatreality: and you're just calling names
chatreality: it wasn't 1,000
chatreality: anyone can say sorry
chatreality: but to Truly BE sorry you have to have a change of Heart
chatreality: your Heart... is the same
chatreality: you STILL feel that what u did wasn't a big deal and wasn't rude
bon_bons818: and i would ask you to repeat your question and you wouldnt
chatreality: and it's worse than just that
chatreality: you ignored me
chatreality: you refused to listen
chatreality: you didn't care
bon_bons818: omg
chatreality: so it's more than just you ignoring the question at this point
chatreality: it's a lot more
bon_bons818: boohoo
chatreality: omg is right
bon_bons818: please ill ignore you now
chatreality: yep
chatreality: and you're teasing me
chatreality: and making fun
chatreality: and whe world will see that too
bon_bons818: terrific
bon_bons818: let the world know

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