Sunday, August 17, 2008


chatreality: hey whats up
chatreality: are you in So Cali?
babe_tam24: hi
babe_tam24: im close to it
chatreality: where abouts?
babe_tam24: not important really
chatreality: oh ok lol
chatreality: one of those
chatreality: well, I hope you feel good about yourself
babe_tam24: whatever that means
chatreality: knowing you came online Just to be Rude to people
babe_tam24: oh i feel terrific, thanks
chatreality: pretty fucked up if u ask me but ...
chatreality: some people's lives are so bad that that's what they resort to
chatreality: and, I guess that's you
babe_tam24: yes YOU are pretty fucked up to think im gonna give you the area where i live
chatreality: yea
chatreality: that's true
babe_tam24: fucken foot weirdo
babe_tam24: IGNORED
chatreality: b/c I could find u

A few Links for you of this girl ... who "claims" that this is her.... Her Yahoo Profile; and her Pics on PhotoBucket... "IF" This is her...

Ok, when u see pics of her, like 'THIS' one

Showin off the bod

and 'THIS' one

Shower pic

... what's your first reaction? This girl may just like sex....

But when you talk to her, you find out quickly how unfriendly she is; She's a fight waiting to happen. Her profile gives you the idea that she's gonna be friendly - but you find out rather quickly, that she's gonna give you a real hard time; What for?

As you know, from reading this blog, there are TONS Of women like this.

All I did was ask where this girl was from - she went into RUDE mode fast.

Now, let me just say that I understand the point of view many women 'like this' are coming from; They are afraid of people - they are full of fear - They fear sharing where they live, because, they're dumb enough to believe that sharing that kind of information may lead to some dangerous guy from the internet, tracking them down.

How silly of an idea is that?

Yet, TONS of women online, believe in this very silly idea.

And they use it, as an excuse to be fucking rude! ... NOw this in my mind is an example of where Fear-Mongering propaganda has mislead women - and makes them more ok with mistreating men.

Nothing good happens to chicks like this ... but let's hope some day someone can come along and show her the error of her ways; before it's too late.

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